Month Of The Métis Proclaimed In Saskatchewan!

Metis Month



October 2019 Marks the 175th Anniversary of the Birth of Louis Riel 

The Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs, as well as the Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Lori Carr announced that October will be proclaimed as the Month of the Métis in the province of Saskatchewan.  

“For more than a century Saskatchewan’s Métis community has been an integral part of our shared culture, history and heritage here in our province,” Carr said.  “Through this proclamation we recognize the many contributions generations of Métis individuals and families have made to Saskatchewan.”  

“Sharing Métis history and heritage is an important part of reconciliation,” Métis Nation-Saskatchewan President Glen McCallum said.  “Our citizens are proud that our language, customs, art, and culture continue to enrich the lives of the many people who now call Saskatchewan home.  We are pleased to work with the Government of Saskatchewan in the spirit of inclusion, respect and recognition to celebrate our people and our culture here in the Heart of our Homeland.”  

A number of events have been planned throughout the province, including several at Government House in Regina.  

Art Exhibit


 October 1, 2019 to November 10, 2019 Government House will feature an art exhibition by Métis artist Leah Marie Dorion: Being One with the Earth

Student Programming - Learning and celebrating Métis Heritage at Government House


  On October 22, 2019 Government House will be offering a select number of Regina students an opportunity to learn more about Métis heritage.  

Culture Days in Indian Head!

An Oral History Project


Indian Head Culture Days was Metis themed this year. Culture Days was hosted by Indian Head Museum along with Metis Nation Saskatchewan Eastern Region III, Indian Head Grand Theatre and Stage Left Players. The events on weekend were supported by a grant from Sask Culture with 2 days of activities. On Saturday September 28th, the premiere showing of : Knowledge Keepers: Sharing Stories of a Metis Community" was screened at the Grand Theatre to an audience of 200 people. 

8 Knowledge Keepers, Winnie Malbeuf, Bernard Malbeuf, Milona Biller, Shirley Baker, Maurice Cardinal, Calvin Racette Larry Fayant and Irma Klyne told us stories of growing up as Metis. They spoke of family life including hardships through changing times, family values, the impact of the church in their lives and the significance of Metis culture and our shared history. Filmmaker Sherona Laskey captured the essence of these 8 individuals and produced a documentary debuted on September 28th. For more information about the documentary or to purchase a copy please contact ERIII regional office. 

Special Guests


LG Russ and Donna Mirasty attended the Indian Head Cultural Days in celebration of Métis Culture on Sept 28.
Pictured with Their Honours is Marg Friesen, Verna and Glen McCallum of Metis Nation Saskatchewan

A beautiful new documentary film, "Knowledge Keepers: Sharing Stories of a Métis Community," was premiered and the Indian Head Museum opened their fantastic new exhibit depicting the kitchen of a traditional Métis home in the valley. 

A New Metis Exhibit in Indian Head


Ribbon cutting on Sunday September 29th at Indian Head Museum along with other activities, jigging workshop, finger weaving and bannock!

Flag Raising Ceremony in Indian Head!

Indian Head High School & Indian Head Elementary School Flags


 Monday, October 7th was a historic day in Indian Head. For the first time, both the Treaty 4 and Métis Nation flags were raised alongside the Canada and Saskatchewan flags at both the Indian Head High School and Elementary School. Thank you to all those who were instrumental in making this happen. These flags will be permanently flown alongside one another and demonstrate the commitment to working together towards a better future for all of our people. 

Opening Remarks


Prairie Valley School Division, Indian Head High School, Indian Head Elementary School, Treaty 4 Representatives, Town of Indian Head, Mayour Steven Cole, Metis Nation Saskatchewan Vice President Morin, Knowledge Keeper Calvin Racette and Regional Representative Marg Friesen



Representatives from MN-S, Treaty 4, PVSD, Town of Indian Head, RCMP, Indian Head High School, Indian Head Elementary School

MN-S & Canada Sign Core Governance Agreement!

History in the Making!



The Métis Nation-Saskatchewan (MN-S) and the Government of Canada have signed the historic Métis Government Recognition and Self-Government Agreement.

The Agreement, over 130 years in the making, is a momentous step towards reconciliation. The Agreement recognizes the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan's right to self-governance and self-determination by instilling the Métis Nation's right to undertake core governance matters.  This includes citizenship, leadership selection, government structures and financial accountability.

"This historic agreement is a major step toward guaranteeing our rights to our land, our resources, our education, and our culture.  It is real progress for our people", said Métis Nation-Saskatchewan President Greg McCallum.

The Métis Nation-Saskatchewan has shown national leadership by working collaboratively to establish a Constitution and a democratically elected assembly to govern the Métis People in Saskatchewan. These existing governance structures and Constitution will make the implementation process for Métis Nation-Saskatchewan much easier in the months ahead.

"We want to express our gratitude to Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Bennett for their commitment to reconciliation with the Métis People", added President McCallum.

Through its entire mandate, the federal government has been committed to reconciliation. This agreement has been a lifetime in the making for the Métis People in Saskatchewan and today marks a significant day in Métis history.

The Future of Our Children



"Today is a day to celebrate the legacy of our Métis ancestors and the future of our children. For over a century, our people have fought – figuratively and literally – for recognition, respect and a rightful place in Canadian society. This agreement acknowledges the right of our people to self-government and to a true nation-to-nation relationship. We are able to stand taller today because we stand on the shoulders of giants and on the cusp of a better future."

Glen McCallum, President
Métis Nation-Saskatchewan

Government to Government Relations



"By signing these historic agreements today, our government is taking a fundamental step to advance reconciliation and transform our relationships with the Métis Nation of Alberta, the Métis Nation of Ontario and the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan. We are committed to advancing self-determination as we strengthen our government-to-government relationships."

The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, M.D., P.C., M.P.
Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

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