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Historical Lestock

Lestock originally began as a Hudson's Bay Trading Post, but became incorporated as a village in 1912. Situated along Hwy 15, the community's primary industry is agriculture .

Following the rebellion of 1885, distinct groups of Métis emerged; some deciding to travel north away from persecution while others chose to remain within lands designated for road allowance. 

Road allowances are lands surveyed and reserved by the government of Canada for the purpose of future road development designated for public use. For a time these parcels of land were inhabited by the western Métis, often located on the fringes of reservations and settlements. Historically the Métis were not known to be sedentary individuals, many wanted to retain their connection with their previous settlement sites. Many individuals along with their families would periodically return to their old homes even in the event that they had been destroyed. Often homes were burned to the ground only to leave the remains of an old stone foundation or chimney. These homes were not only eliminated to make room for new settlers acquiring their land but also to promote fear and violence in order to urge the Métis never to return.Therefore, migrating to road allowance parcels could not and would not sever their physical or symbolic ties to the places they had originally settled.


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June 14 2019

Honouring Metis Graudates

7pm - 10pm

Estuary Park

Event Details

June 14 2019

Honouring Metis Graudates

ERIII congratulates Metis graduating students at Kelliher High School.

President of Lestock Local 8 Leebert Poitras will make a presentation to graduating students at ceremonies on June 14th.

Good luck in your future endeavours graduates!

7pm - 10pm

Estuary Park