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Historical Indian Head

Indian Head had its beginnings in 1882 as the first settlers, mainly of Scottish origin, pushed into the area in advance of the railroad, most traveling by ox-cart from Brandon.

According to oral history by Indigenous Elders of the community many First Nations people were stricken by diseases like smallpox, which were introduced by fur traders who traveled through this area. Local First Nations people used the hills south of the current town site as their burial grounds, but many bodies were not buried at all, so great was the fear of contracting the disease.

Over the years the First Nations people came to call the burial ground the Many Skeletons Hills or Many Skulls Hills. The new settlers who came to the area referred to them as the Indian Head Hills.

When the Canadian Pacific Railway laid track through this area in 1882 the new settlement where the railway station was built needed a name. The townspeople wanted the name Indian Head Hills, and offered the First Nations people a camping ground near the town in exchange for the name.

The town became Indian Head, without "Hills", perhaps because it sits on fertile, relatively flat, plains.

The town is known for its federally operated experimental farm and tree nursery, which has produced and distributed seedlings for shelter belts since 1901. For many years the programme was run by the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). was incorporated as a town in 1902. At one time, Indian Head was the largest point of initial shipment of wheat in the world. 

.Indian Head is located in the Indian Head Plain of the Aspen Parkland ecoregion and  on the parkland of the Qu'Appelle flood plain placing it within the topographical region of the Squirrel Hills. The area is characterized by lush rolling grasslands, interspersed with bluffs and prairie open sloughs. Indian Head is located in the transition zone between the Qu'Appelle River and the corresponding Qu'Appelle Valley.


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June 14 2019

Honouring Metis Graduates

7pm - 8pm

Indian Head High School

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June 14 2019

Honouring Metis Graduates

ERIII congratulates Metis graduating students at Indian Head High School.

President of Indian Head Local 103 Tracey Rogers will make a presentation to graduating students at ceremonies on June 14th.

Good luck in your future endeavours graduates!

7pm - 8pm

Indian Head High School