Eastern Region III

Eastern Region III is one of 12 regions of Metis Nation Saskatchewan. It is the Southeastern part of the province and includes the communities of Estevan, Weyburn , Milestone, Carlyle, Kenosee Lake, Rocanville, Moosemin, Wolesley, Sinataluta, Indian Head, Lebret, Fort Qu'Appelle, Balcarres, Abernathy, Lemburg, Lestock, Kelliher, Ituna, Lipton and many others where Metis citizens of the region reside.


The Constitution of ERIII compliments the Constitution of Metis Nation Saskatchewan. Like the MN-S Constitution, ERIII legislation is undergoing constitutional reform. The region has evolved and how we govern will reflect in the reform process. The changes to the constitution  is a process which will include community engagement across the region. Please check back for dates in your community!

Regional Council

ERIII Regional Council is made up of local presidents, Metis women's representative and Metis youth representative.

ERIII  meets on a regular basis to share information and collectively make decisions that impact ERIII.

We are building to address the needs of the Metis citizens of our region. 

We collaborate with other local governments such as  First Nations, and Government of Saskatchewan .  We support MN-S government relations with the Crown.

We inform our citizens of partnerships with industry, agencies and other organizations. We develop partnerships that are mutually beneficial and will serve our citizens presently and in the future.


Currently we have 8 Locals in ERIII which make up local governing bodies. 

  • Each Local has an executive which consists of President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. 
  • Each Local is responsible for it's own membership and updating their membership regularly. All locals  must have at least 9 members to qualify as a MN-S Local.
  • Each Local is responsible to host at minimum 2 meetings per year and an annual general meeting. Minutes from meetings are distributed among members and also a copy of minutes are held at ERIII regional office.  
  •  Locals must hold a general assembly, inform their citizens and host elections for executive at the general assembly. 
  •  All MN-S Locals must comply with current legislation when preparing for the Metis Nation legislative assemblies (MNLA).

ERIII will assist the Locals in the region to advertise their meetings including the annual meeting, assist with membership and requirements for incorporation. We will assure that each local also meets the requirements to attend an MNLA. 

ERIII encourages Metis citizens to become a member of a local closest to where they live. 

You do not have to have a Metis Citizenship Card to be a member of a local at the present time. We do encourage individuals to apply for citizenship and get involved with your local community.

Becoming a member of a Metis Local and  having a Metis Citizenship card has many benefits. 

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Health
  • Economic Development
  • Sport and Recreation
  • National Parks

Previously MN-S Regional Representatives could provide a letter or endorse an individual when accessing education, housing or social programs. Presently ERIII will no longer provide letters for access.  ERII encourages Metis individuals to apply for citizenship.

If you planning to attend or enroll with a post secondary institution, please contact ERIII Registry Intake office for more information. 306.695.3425

Metis Women

ERIII has a women's representative who is a member of the provincial Metis women's body Le Fille de Madaline.

This position is elected by members of ERIII. 

Having a regional women's group provides direction  to address women's issues and generates discussion provincially and locally.

Metis Youth

A Metis Youth representative is appointed from the Regional Council.

This individual participates with the MN-S Youth Council and presents youth issues both provincially and locally.